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Robert 03/02/2015

I locked my keys in the car this past summer. It was a dark evening, and the driver arrived minutes after I called, opened my car, and ensured me that I would be on my way safely. This man is an absolute professional. … more

Lynn 01/25/2015

Great service in towing. My car battery died out and we called Bay Runner Towing to help jump start it. They helped me get the car going and the next day I had my battery replaced. Their service is friendly and … more

Sidney 01/22/2015

Nothing like ending a lovely, long day of wine tasting and dancing with a dead battery. Grrrr. I googled tow trucks near me and called a couple places. Bay Runner Towing said they could get there the fastest … more

Paul 01/13/2015

The service was quick, friendly and reasonably priced. Simply an excellent towing company. They are so kind and truly cares about their customers. You can tell that there is just something honest about their … more

Sandra 01/11/2015

Seriously good guys. Called Bay Runner Towing, and they were responsive and quick to get to me. 25 minutes after the call, they picked me up and towed me to the repair shop. They were nice and courteous. … more

Louise 01/05/2015

Getting my car towed by Bay Runner Towing was literally the best experience I have ever had with a tow/recovery company. They went above and beyond to help me with my car (even though it was a pain and took … more

Christine 11/14/2014

Guys, thanks for a great service last night. I got an accident and need a towing service quickly. I felt so lucky I found Bay Runner Towing online. Your speedily service and reasonable price were saved my … more


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